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I am going on my 10th year anniversary with my husband Jon and I have 3 beautiful little girls that I love to pieces. I am a photographer and you can see my work at I am just trying to stay busy and have fun with my family.

Photo a Day : Day 12

We did a photo booth with my family for Easter I didn’t realize that my grandparents would get so into the photo booth.  We’ll have to get the photo booth out for more family gatherings more often.  Love you both so much!!

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It’s Time For Some Change


I have finally got my new blog up and running.  It has been a lot of work trying to get organized and ready for the launch of my new blog.  I am so excited to get it started and I can’t wait to see what happens this year.  Thank you all for following me and being supportive, I can’t thank you enough.  You can check out my  new blog here.


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/ Davis County Family Photographer

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Wilkins Family

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Kevin and Amanda Sneak Peek

More to come later!

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This is the very talented Jeff!  Check out his awesome music here Thanks Jeff!!!  I needed this 🙂


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Personal: My 2 Year Olds Photo Shoot

I just wanted to show everybody out there that sometimes your not going to get the shot you thought you were going to get, but that you can love it just as much.  I tried to take my 2 year olds birthday pictures the other day and I had these big ideas in my head.  I wanted these perfect little pictures that I would look back on and think they were so adorable.  I have to be honest I felt a little put out because she wouldn’t cooperate with me, but when I uploaded these pictures and looked at how cute they were I realized that I actually got exactly what I wanted.  I wanted a picture of who my little girl is and right now this is who she is.  She cries every time I put her down because she want’s me to hold her all the time, I probably wouldn’t remember that if I didn’t get these pictures.  It’s pretty sweet that all she want’s is for me to be there and hold her and play with her.  Yes, sometimes I want to rip my hair out because I don’t ever feel like I get a second alone, but I am just glad I have a picture that is meaningful to me to remember how she was at the age of 2.

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