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The {O} Family


I had a lot of fun photographing this family.  I hope these pictures put a smile on your face, you have a beautiful family!

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The {A} Family

I am behind on everything right now, life has just gotten insane!  I took their pictures over 2 weeks ago and I am now just getting to posting them on the blog.  I’m glad I am finally getting to posting them, they were an amazing and I’m glad I had the opportunity to take their pictures.

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Change is in the air

I have been working on branding myself for my business.  I finally feel like I am getting serious about thiswhich is really pretty fun.  For so long now it has been a side thing for me.  It was just something to do to give me a break, but the more I do this the more I find my passion.  So for the next month or two I will be working on getting a new website up and make it a more legit business.  If I didn’t have 3 kids it would probably only take me a week or 2, but I guess I’ll keep them around and take my time getting things set up.  🙂
The image above is my sneak preview of what I am working on as far as branding myself.  This is a wrapped disc for a client of mine.  This is the start of what I want my branding to look like, I’m really excited!!!


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The {M} Family


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