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Spread it around

I read a blog a long time ago about a father who had lost his son to cancer and has since been trying to raise money to find a cure.  He said “what gets me are the excuses. “Oh sure, I care Andy, just make it easy for me to care, and I’ll show up.” Ever since I had read this post I have thought about what I say when I am asked to serve someone else.  I have to admit I have felt this way many times and I have decided that I am going to start looking for opportunities to help someone out.

So I am looking for someone that would love pictures taken.  It could be anyone as long as they are truly in need.  Maybe it’s a Senior in high school that could use a self esteem boost.  Maybe it’s someone that has a sick child.  Or maybe it’s someone that has been out of work for a long time and would love to not have the stress of paying for family pictures.  So here is an opportunity for you to serve someone else, start thinking of someone in your life that just needs something to look forward to.  Someone that is just ready for something to go their way for once.  You just have to nominate someone.  You just have to think of someone and tell me their story.  Just comment on this blog post and tell me about them and why you think they deserve a photo shoot.  Two weeks from today, on May 8th I will choose someone who will receive a full photo session along with the cd of the images.  If you can’t think of anyone, pass this around and I’m sure someone else can find someone that this would help.

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I can’t believe you’re 4

You are 4 now.  You are such a daddy’s girl.  I love that you can’t say your R’s.  You HATE it when your dad uses a made up voice to talk to you.  You sometimes seem like the older sister…a little wise beyond your years :).  I love your big green eyes.  I love more than anything you still call me “mamma”

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Bryce and Alicia’s Photobooth Pictures

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Bryce and Alicia

I had so much fun with these guys!  I wish you the best of luck in Miami and enjoy your wedding.
take care,

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Senior Sessions

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Birthday Shoot

She’s now 6 and she is starting to get really tired of my camera.  She’s my oldest of 3 and I can’t believe how fast time flew by.  She sticks her tongue out for the camera 95% of the time and I love it.  She loves the color pink, and she wants to be Rapunzel and an illustrator when she grows up.   I love and adore her!


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